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Having worked with dentists for over 20 years, you would be right to say I hold dentists near and dear to my heart.  In fact, I love dentists so much I actually married one.


In my career I have worked in dental sales, dental sales leadership, dental corporate marketing and I helped my husband when he started his endodontic practice in 2017.


I've seen first hand the challenges that you and many other practice owners face. Hiring the right person to manage one of the most important tasks in your practice can be daunting. A small change in your team due to maternity or an illness can cripple your practice and it really shouldn't be that way.

At Online Dental Billing we are sincerely invested in your success. We are passionate about providing amazing service that you can count on. We aren't here to replace your team, but we're here to help you when and how you need it.  

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Mark and Ji Young Germack

- Ji Young Germack


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