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What We Do

Online Dental Billing provides remote dental insurance processing for your practice.  We specialize in insurance claims processing and insurance verification.

You've found ODB because you need help with your insurance processing. The universe gave you lemons - and we're here to help you make lemonade.

Your situation might be temporary, or long-term and because of that we don't have minimums or monthly contracts.


You won't see any pricing on our website because your needs are unique and your pricing will be too.


Insurance Claims


  • Prepare, process and submit claims

  • Post claims payments received

  • Work with your team to manage rogue insurance claims

  • Invoice patients with a remaining balance or process refunds when applicable

  • Verify patient benefits accurately and with enough time for your team to plan with



Is there something different we can help with?  Contact us and we can chat about it!

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